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TRIPPY SHROOMS is an online medicinal mushroom dispensary, set up by three friends who believe that it is time to reconnect with plant medicine for the benefit of all.

We are Soul, The Professor & The Dreamer. Hailing from the West Coast of BC, we grew up foraging for psilocybin mushrooms in the forests. These little mushrooms helped us realise who we are and what we stand for.

It’s time to reconnect with the earth, rediscover our humanity, ease our suffering and restore our mind-body connection. For far too long we have outsourced our health.

Psilocybin mushrooms, when used wisely, have the potential to help heal us, help inspire us, and maybe help save us.


Your #1 trusted source for magic mushrooms online in UNITED STATES. We provide only premium magic mushrooms that we’ve tried and tested ourselves. We likey!


The easiest way to buy magic mushrooms online in UNITED STATES. Our friendly team of magic mushroom wizards will help you if you have any questions, just drop us a line!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Magic Mushrooms awesome?

Magic Mushrooms have been used for thousands of years by shamans, doctors, and people across the world and in United States. They are fully organic and found all over earth!

Why order online from online magic dispensary?
1. Express shipping right to your doorstep (1-3 business days via United States Post unless United States Post has COVID delays)
2. Takes 15-30 seconds to Register an account! Register Here (19+)
2. Air-sealed packages with foil inside so shrooms stay fresh and untampered.
3. Daily email customer support from our team of experts during weekdays! Contact Us Here!
4. discreet shipping, all packages are unmarked and shipped with extra stealth measures.
5. Orders placed before 11am PST will be shipped the same day ????
6. We support mental health, care for our community and donate to mental health programs. We are looking to develop our own chatline very soon ????
Magic Mushrooms Right to your Doorstep!

That’s right! with Shroom Bros we make sure that your magic mushrooms are delivered right to your doorstep in 1-3 business days.

We pride ourselves on sourcing some of the best psilocybin products in United States. We offer everything from dried magic mushrooms, candies, chocolates, and even
mushroom tea!

We will also soon be launching our microdose shroom line which will include 200mg capsules mixed with cordyceps, lions mane & ginseng!

Shroom Bros USA is the best online shroom dispensary for all of your magic mushroom needs!

Why do people buy Magic Mushrooms in United States?

1. Create a sensation of openness and helps deal with depression

2. Helps people overcome bad habits and addiction by remapping their behaviour.

3. Helps you find new appreciation in life, friends and family and reminds you over the things that truly matter in life.

4. It feels amazing and can be a visually beautiful journey.

Whether you’re going for a magic mushroom microdose experience or taking a larger dose journey, always make sure to consult with friends and make sure you are in the right headspace! DO NOT OPERATE VEHICLES UNDER THE INFLUENCE OR DO SHROOMS WITH MINORS!

satisfied customers
Peter Bruce 02/06/2021

I almost want to give them a bad review so less people will shop their sales. But the truth is, they can’t be topped. Trust me, I’ve looked. And the Customer service is 10/10! I honestly couldn’t say enough good to give them & their product Justice.

James 11/02/2022

Ordered for the first time recently, took 2 days to come in the mail in winnipeg. Super fast! Havent tried the mushrooms yet, but they look amazing!!! Would absolutely recommend! They even provide tracking info through Canada post so you know your package is on the way.

Cassandra 05/04/2023

Absolutely awesome service. I felt like I blinked and they were at my door! 😂Highly recommended


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